Edwin Lo  |  Multimedia Designer

Design with ♥

As a creative professional I’d love to bring social change to life with one design at a time. Over the past year, I have worked with different organizations as a designer and program assistant including Good Lab, a social innovation consultancy and WEDO GLOBAL, a social enterprise that advocates multicultural education.

Refreshed brand video for Good Lab.


Icons designed for Good Lab with a focus on their expertises and workshops.


Promotional poster for 100 Fun Chinese Class, a program that provides free Chinese classes to South Asian students in Hong Kong. I have also joined the program as a teacher for 2 months.


Apparel and brand design for Dynasty 8, a Boston-based lifestyle brand with a mission to promote and support Asian cultures.


Quirky illustrative site icons for AMENPAPA, a Hong-Kong-based Christian fashion brand.


“United States Through The Lens of Foreigners: A Data Visualization Project”. In reflection to the core identity of being American, foreigners in the U.S. were surveyed to rate how exclusive certain concepts are to the American identity. The results were visualized through photographed objects.

A 6" x 4" postcard was designed and foreign visitors were encouraged to mail this back to their home countries.

10. Urdu, Urdu.jpg

“Urdu, Urdu”, an oil painting (36" x 24") created as a celebration of diversity in Hong Kong.